Advantages of Online Marketing for Offline Businesses

Why Offline Businesses Are Discovering the Advantages of Internet Marketing

More and more offline businesses, both small and large, are discovering the advantages of internet marketing. When push comes to shove, your business needs to survive right? In this difficult economy business owners MUST take advantage of every opportunity afforded to them in order to keep their doors open. Learn how internet marketing is helping offline businesses survive and even thrive regardless of the economy.

Internet marketing, also referred to as web marketing, online marketing or eMarketing is the marketing of products or services over the internet. There are 3 key areas that explain why internet marketing is fast becoming a necessary skill to entrepreneurs everywhere.

1. Return on Investment – ROI is absolutely necessary for businesses to remain profitable. For instance, when people advertise in traditional media, T.V., radio, newspapers, etc., it is possible to track some of where your business is coming from but it is almost never completely accurate (not to mention expensive.) This is not the case on the internet. There are systems set up to where you can track visitors down to each and every click. You will know exactly when and where (and from who) the money is coming from. The internet is FAR more efficient for ROI than the traditional methods and at least 50% less expensive. When the economy is struggling, business people start to tighten their belts and start to look at ways to advertise for less. That’s where the internet and internet marketing come in.

2. Exposure and Cost – A traditional brick and mortar business can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 + to open. This cost does not include things any overhead like advertising, employees, cash flow, etc. As an example, a small mom and pop store selling books might spend $1000 to $2500 per month just to advertise to the local community! Remember that most offline businesses take at least 2 years before they start to make a profit. Do the math, most of the time it costs a small fortune to even get going with a traditional business in the offline world.

Most of the time, setting up a business online can be almost FREE! Even a brand new online business has the potential to be exposed to millions of people. That’s right MILLIONS! That is the power of the internet! The example above cost thousands monthly just to advertise to the local community! Think about that for a minute. Millions of people who you can expose your product or service to. That’s what I call efficiency!

There truly has been NOTHING like this in the history of commerce.

3. Leveling the Risk – Based on the example above, let’s take a closer look at who you can do business with by learning even basic internet marketing skills and taking your offline business to a whole new level. You will learn to drive traffic to your business from all over the world for next to nothing! I have customers in 50+ countries. When one countrys economy isn’t doing so well, another country is doing great, and so I’m less affected. A unique advantage of doing business on the web. Stay focused on your online business, and remember that you’re in a better position to weather any storm.

Hopefully you can start to understand the power of internet marketing. Go online and check out the advantages of internet marketing for yourself.

Discover the advantages of internet marketing and stay ahead of your competition for good!
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